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Brewery Insurance Program California Craft Brewers Association
Preferred Connect Brewery Insurance Program California Craft Brewers Association Summit

The Preferred Connect Brewery Insurance Program assists our clients by implementing safety programs, improving their human resources operations, and maintaining OSHA compliance. This strengthens your business, keeps claims low and ensures that premiums stay cost-effective at each renewal.

Below is a description of our workers’ compensation policy required to protect your brewery:

If you have even one employee, workers’ compensation insurance is required. Employees are classified by their job duties, and a rate is charged for each $100 of payroll. Typical brewery class codes are brewers, clerical office employees, outside sales reps and possibly servers if you have a tasting room or food service. Our brewery insurance program ensures that employees involved in accidents are not only taken care of medically, but that they are paid at least a portion of their salary if they have to miss work.

California Brewery Insurance Program

This workers’ compensation coverage includes specialty claims handling services, some of which include:

  • Specialized resources for catastrophic claims
  • Non-traditional return-to-work programs
  • Customizable medical provider network
  • An internal special investigation unit
  • An advanced prescription cost containment program

Brewery workers face many potential injuries—not only in brewing the finished product, but also in bottling, packaging, and transporting it.

We help our policyholders contain the costs associated with workplace injury or illness through our carriers’ loss prevention programs, such as Claims Management, Managed Care Services, Loss Control, and Fraud Services.

Most brewers don’t understand all the factors that go into the cost of coverage and are probably paying more than they should.

If we handled your workers comp coverage we would monitor claim activity and help you setup return to work programs, preferred medical providers and other things that will help reduce your workers compensation costs.

Would my workers compensation policy cover this?

Example 1: Next month we will be holding an anniversary celebration at the brewery. If a volunteer is injured while helping me am I covered?

Example 2: I operated a brewpub, is the rate I pay for workers comp the same as someone that operates a brewery?

Preferred Connect can help your business manage your workers compensation premiums.

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Preferred Connect Brewery Insurance Program

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California Brewery Insurance Program